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Welcome to Malcolm's "My Northern Cyprus Hotels",  where you will find  image and video rich  pages as a guide to the Activities, Beaches, Diving, Ecology, Geography, History, Restaurants, Weddings and travel tips of Northern Cyprus, plus a very comprehensive look at the Island of Cyprus and its many charms,  as well a selection of vacation hotels, villas and guest houses both large and small, to suit every budget. The representation and opinions of the hotels and destinations on Northern Cyprus included in this website are my own and we are not in any way commercially linked with any travel organisation. No ranking  of hotels, guesthouses or villas has been given or intended, but where possible, each has an address, telephone number, fax or email  for you to make direct contact with them. I have done my best to check that any email and website links are current,  but cannot guarantee  that they work.

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This beautiful country of Cyprus, situated in the Eastern Mediterranean has had it's fair share of troubles throughout it's history, and like many similar places divided by culture and religion, who is right changes with which country you support. Divided across between the Greek Cypriot South and the Turkish Cypriot North, the two parts are separated by a buffer zone manned by the United Nations Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP). In the Greek Cypriot part, there are two British sovereign bases, and so many servicemen have

Map of Cyprus

come to love the Island and returned here on holiday.There are two communities on the island,Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots. Greek Cypriots belong to the Greek Orthodox Church and speak Greek, whilst Turkish Cypriots are Moslems, and speak Turkish. The two communities do not have the feeling of belonging to a Cypriot nation and they have been completely separated. The history of Cyprus is long and exciting and will be dealt with on our history page. The island has a strategic position because it is on the main sea routes between Europe and Asia . Since the earliest days of its history, due to this strategic position, it has attracted the interest of many nations. It has been under the influence of different races and religions, including Myceneans, Kingdom of the Alexander the Great, the Roman and the Byzantine Empires, the Kingdom of King Richard the Lion Hearted, the Lusignan Family, the Republic of Venice , the Ottoman Empire and the Great Britain . It has been leased, sold and transferred among the leaders, without considering its inhabitants.

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