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MDDM (Malcolm Dent Digital Media) for your internet web design, domain registering, video streaming and hosting
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Malcolm Dent Digital Media  - An Overview

For twenty years we have been shooting
and editing videos for a wide range of
corporate and business  clients, many
of whom become long term customers.

Employing the latest in Digital and Beta SP cameras plus powerful
non-linear editing facilities we offer the integrated range of services
required by modern buyers of business video and media products

From a one man operator to a multi camera live event
you can rely on the quality of our equipment and the
experience of our people to get the result you need.

Offering full sound, graphics and music
post production facilities including a
large library we are confident of achieving
your idea within budget and deadline.

T R A V E L   V I D E O S
One of our main  activities is  making travelogues and travel video's.
In the past year for our clients we have made videos of St.Kitts, Nevis, St.Lucia
Antigua, Grenada, Tobago and Barbados, both as websites, videos and CD-ROM's



We can put this experience at your disposal for a  less than you may think without compromising on quality

Remember, with MediaWare, you are not limited to VHS tape as a delivery format.  MediaWare video will migrate easily to the web as faster download technologies become available in Europe. a

VHS Video Cassette Duplication
Compact Disc Duplication
Full Range of Artwork and Label Options
Full Range of Packaging & Mailing Options
NTSC to PAL Video Format Standards Conversion
Video Tape Format Conversions
High Quality Mpeg1 & Mpeg4 Encoding - Variable Stream Rates
Home Video Encoded onto CD Rom for Playback on your PC
All our duplication hardware is well maintained and aligned.

You can be sure of consistent and high quality dupes backed by our personal service. 

   C D  D u p l i c a t i o n  N o t e s   

CD duplication costs are, not surprisingly, directly linked to unit quantities.
Commercial duplication plants make a "glass master" from which to press the duplication run.   
Once over the 1000 units mark this method becomes affordable with significant reductions as unit quantities increase. 
For many customers this is a good to excellent option. 

Some of our customers only need 50 or 100 CD's so we have set up a small scale duplication plant to cater for these short runs.
These "dupes" use standard "write-able" CD's with a high quality label.
It should be noted that the production and assembly of any CD outside of a full "factory" run Is more labour intensive.

We can also offer a wide range of packaging options, from low cost CD mailer envelopes to "prestige" and novelty packaging.
Short run - full colour printing, for jewel case inserts is made affordable by taking full advantage of modern "print from disk" technologies able to output to A3 colour laser printers.  
For longer runs our contacts with specialist printers removes the worry from the crucial aspect of " presentation quality".
If you need to distribute other printed material with your MediaWare we would be happy to quote competitively.

The last and perhaps most important point to make is that we are constantly adding to our duplication options and pricing so regardless of which method you choose you can be sure of the best deal possible for high quality duplication...
  We are here to help. Contact us for impartial advice.