Mnarani Hotel Kllifi Creek Kenya
Mnarani Hotel Killifi Creek Kenya
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Mnarani Club Kilifi Creek Kenya

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Header image   About the Resort

Mnarani Club resort is situated on the cliffs of Kilifi overlooking the Indian Ocean and Kilifi Creek.
The design is appealing and the main building and rooms well positioned in the landscaped gardens to allow for every opportunity to enjoy the fantastic views.

The communal areas of the main building are designed for comfort and relaxation. Meals are served in the dining area of the open-plan main building and from here you look out over the swimming pool to the creek and ocean beyond. Armchairs and inviting couches are arranged in different sections of the lounge areas on the veranda and provide the perfect venue for a get together with friends, a romantic sundowner or an irresistible corner to curl up in with a book.


 The main bar forms part of the open-plan main veranda and serves a variety of house wines, beer, spirits, soft drinks and fabulous island-style cocktails. Paths through the grounds lead you down stairs onto the white sandy beach of the resorts private cove. This gorgeous little beach has every facility for watersports or for simply enjoying a swim or relaxing on a lounger under the thatched parasols.


The beach bar is a fabulous place to relax and enjoy good company, a little music and the wonderful island vibe of Mnarani.
The service at the resort is outstanding. Nothing is too much trouble and the staff ensure that your every need is met and every comfort catered for. The inherent warmth and generosity of the local people adds a personal touch to the overall appeal of the resort, which is very special.


Something magical happens when you arrive at Mnarani. It’s as if your feet don’t step to quite the same beat as before and you feel a whole new rhythm in your hips. There is an unmistakable energy of life, an African essence that, combined with the warmth of the people and the sheer beauty of this amazing place, make for an unforgettable experience. Mnarani at night is a delightful place to arrive… Looking around, it seems that the stars could not be brighter, the moon any more incandescent – time seems to stand still and the quite peace of this beautiful place settles instantly into your heart.
“Jambo” is the Swahili greeting that welcomes you warmly and the generous and sincere hospitality of the staff makes you feel instantly at home.
Colourful lanterns sparkle and shine where they hang, suspended from wooden beams under the vast open-plan thatched roof of the main building. Despite the spaciousness, which encompasses the main dining area, bar and lounge, this veranda-style area has an unobtrusive intimacy and glorious ambiance. Your eyes move out over the unbelievable blue of what is, undoubtedly, the most inviting swimming pool you’ve ever seen and find little lights - fishing boats - on the dark horizon where the night sky meets the ocean. Suddenly your sense of smell kicks in and the balmy ocean breeze washes over you with its delicious salty promise. Each evening reveals a different pace, always in place, always enjoyable. Experience the pulse-quickening energy of the songs and traditional dances of the Maasai. The intricate vocal rhythm of their music is mesmerising and almost as astounding as their uncanny jumping abilities.
Live bands provide excellent entertainment and a great opportunity to really get a feel for your new-found Kenyan rhythm.


The meals are sumptuous buffets, with an irresistible spread of tantalising dishes to suite every taste. Lingering over a well-prepared meal in the dining area on the veranda, recalling the activities and sights of the day… this is the time and space where memories are made…

The stunning freeform swimming pool commands your attention and beckons you in to enjoy the sparkling turquoise blue waters as they meet the horizon and merge with the azure hues of the Indian Ocean beyond.
Walking onto the soft white sand of Mnarani’s beach, you feel exhilarated as you take in the sights – Arabic dhows sail gently by with the sea breeze whispering in their sails, the warm ocean waters invite you in and local fisherman tend to their lines in the colourful creek below the tropical green cliffs of Kilifi.

Comfort and uncluttered, simple style makes for excellent accommodation and the sweetest dreams. The rooms are delightful and moving into this deliciously cool space and the romance of soft, white mosquito netting, reaffirms your pleasure at being here. The immaculately smooth and gleaming hardwood floors beckon bare feet and the simplicity and comforts of the spacious en suite bathroom reiterates your feeling of well-being.

Daylight heralds an array of new delights as you step out onto your private terrace and absorb the glorious vistas of ocean, sky and exotic tropical green. Perfect blues, perfect greens. Giant Frangipani trees, adorned with exquisite white and pink-edged flowers, perfume the air with their, soft sweet scent as you wonder the paths through the landscaped gardens and gain a perspective of Mnarani’s magnificent surroundings and breathtaking views. The gardens are inviting and beautifully maintained. Magnificent old trees add their own strength and beauty and the resident troop of monkeys will delight you with their circus antics and expressive faces.

Tel:  (+27) 012 425 1000
Mombasa Malindi Road P.O. Box 1008 - Kilifi -Kenya

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