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We will endeavour to make sure you have a most enjoyable and memorable holiday with us. Please read through these few lines to make you more aware of how we operate.
The Relaxotel Concept
We are the first Relaxotel in Kenya. This means that our priority is to offer our clients a surrounding of serenity and tranquillity. It is for this reason that we adopted the "adults only policy", which allows us to create this kind of atmosphere that is highly appreciated by those who visit us to get away from the stressful European way of life. 
Our motto - "First Class Service -   Four Star Price"

  We do not believe in attracting clients just to a cheap destination. On the contrary we believe in offering our guests an exclusive holiday destination with a unique atmosphere of a high standard, welcomed by the villagers as "friends of Kenya". Therefore they will enjoy an unspoiled culture, and warm hospitality as genuine visitors and not "just tourists". All these factors, plus the unconventional management, the special charm and natural beauty of the Mnarani location will inevitably lead to an unforgettable holiday

 We are the only hotel in the area, and it is a great advantage to be far removed from mass tourism, free from crowds. Through this we do not have negative tourism impact effects, i.e. prostitution, criminality, noisy discos, bars etc. Here you can experience the real African way of life.

The name Mnarani is taken from the nearby village where most of our staff members live. The villagers work very closely with us and our guests will find that local population are polite, always helpful and very friendly. You can go for a walk and visit the village and bars safely. 
What is special in Mnarani?

- The view over the creek: The view from the dining room and the creek rooms is unique, with a magnificent sight of "untouched" environment.

- Beautiful swimming pool: The Mnarani swimming pool is one of the most beautiful pools in Kenya. The stunning view of the swimming pool followed by the creek is breathtaking.

- Kilifi "Salt-lake" and the bird-Islands: The lake is vast and there are over 250 different kinds of birds. It is an unknown paradise. An evening trip by boat to watch the birds coming home and the most beautiful sunset is on offer to our guests.

- Best Diving place in Kenya: Mnarani is known as the Maldives of Kenya. Best diving is from November up to end of March. The diving school is operated by Barracuda a well-known German company.

- The Kilifi-breeze is a permanent "refresher" 
Kilifi Town

Kilifi is an original African town, busy and colourful. There is a small harbor, well known by sailors and yacht owners to rest before embarking on the next trip. The nuance of charm and beauty makes it the 'Portofino' of the Kenya coast. 
No mass tourism

We have reduced our initial capacity from 170 beds to 130. This enables us to provide a better service, no queues at the buffets, no squeezing at the pool, no hassles etc.

No harassing at the Beach and Street: In order to avoid discomfort to our guests from beach and street salesmen we have organized a curio market twice a month in the hotel. The prices are fixed and the street salesmen donate 10% of the proceeds to community projects monitored by the hotel. This is a pilot project and unique in Kenya beaches. The fixed price policy has been equally adopted in the village curio market.
Our warm hospitality

We want to give a very warm welcome to our guests and feel that it is imperative to make your stay an unforgettable experience. In this way, we hope to gain the opportunity to welcome you again in the Mnarani Club accompanied by your friends and family. We feel strongly that this is the best way to make our services known around the world. 
Friendly and professional staff
The majority of our staff are long serving. We feel therefore that we can offer our guests, specially those who are repeat guests, a family atmosphere. All our staff are well trained and very friendly. 
Best food and beverage attention

Mnarani is well known for the special care taken in our food preparation and presentation. In order to ensure that the food we offer is fresh and genuine, we get our vegetables, fruits and poultry from the local farmers in Mnarani and Kilifi. This also applies to our seafood which is supplied on a daily basis by local fishermen. Our dairy products come from the nearby Kilifi Plantations.

We offer a healthy diet with buffet breakfast and lunches. We hold international specialty nights where you can treat yourself to Chinese, Italian, Swahili, Continental cuisine, barbecue by moonlight and Fisherman's delight.

If you are a vegetarian or if you have any special dietary needs, please let us know and we will be glad to provide alternative choices to suit your requirements.

Our chefs prepare daily different little snacks that are automatically distributed by the pool and at the beach from 3.00pm to 6:00pm. Tea, coffee juices, hot sandwiches and cakes are obtainable from the buffet.

Seating at the dining room is free choice. However, if you would like to reserve a table, please inform one of our headwaiters. If you would like a bigger table, please request this in advance to enable us to arrange it for you. If you have a birthday or special event you wish to celebrate let us know and we can prepare accordingly.

If you would like a seafood dinner, or a romantic a la carte meal under the palm trees, please contact the chef to arrange your requirement from our special

If you would like to have breakfast in bed, please contact Charles or Robert who will be happy to organize this for you.
Wedding procedure:

We are specialists in organising Weddings, offering an affordable package for that ultimate occasion.
Ambience day and night through

•  Our "Homemade" decors that give a colorful ambience throughout the resort from the lights in the dining room to the tree hangings dotted around the property.. 
•  Our candlelight dinner: every evening over 100 candles are lit to give a " going out ambience". 
•  Our selected background music program: We take pride in offering our guests a selection of music which deviates from the usual pop, techno, rap etc. Instead our music is aimed at relaxation, ranging from classical to instrumental, nature and similar sounds. Our all-inclusive evening entertainment includes live bands of local musicians, disco, acrobats and traditional dancers.
•  A certain " Elegance legere"
The eco-socionomical concept

Mnarani Club is based on an "eco-socionomic" philosophy which integrates nature, people and business as mutual partners to the advantage of all three. This concept, with a new form of hotel-business, is beneficial to the local population who are at present exploited and at a disadvantage. Balance and fairness in giving and taking will ensure the success of our projects.
The fantasy workshop

 We have a Workshop where ex-jobless people produce Paper flowers, birds, coconut-ashtrays and other interesting items. These artists operate as a co-operative which are self-employed and independent. To date ten families have found a new existence through creativity and innovation. We support them by marketing and buying the items they produce to decorate the Hotel. They consist of different décor items in beautiful and bright African colours.
In-house training

We offer in-house training to our staff between the various departments. Our aim is to ensure that our staff are multi-skilled and have the chance to expand their knowledge of the hotel business. It is for this reason that we ask you kindly to bear with us if sometime the service is a little slow or not as perfect as it should be. Please feel free to give us your comments about it.
Fitness training

We have our own in-house fitness training and karate club. The trainer is Mr. Shabani, who has professional karate qualifications. If you would like to join a fitness training session or take a self defence class, please contact us.

Twice weekly we perform water aerobics in the pool and beach walks  (depending on tides). We also organise bike safaris to the nearby villages and plantation. Those who like more vigorous activities are welcome to visit our squash court or attend our volleyball and table tennis tournaments.
Wellness & beauty

 We have made arrangements for the availability of a Therapist, and a Beautician in the hotel on set days. Their services are excellent and their prices fair. 
For beauty treatments such as manicure, pedicure, head massage with natural oils and facial, book for Zena's beauty parlour. For reflexology and aromatherapy visit Angie Dodd's therapy session. For all these services, please consult our notice board for tariffs and details and then book at Reception.

If you enjoy sight-seeing, we offer various excursions:
Malindi tour - full day
Mombasa tour - full day
Creek sundowners - 2-3 hours
Bird & Butterfly watching in the forest - half day
Snorkelling at Watamu marine park - full day
Dolphin spotting - half day
The above activities are not in the all-inclusive package. For more details please consult our notice board and contact Reception for tariffs and bookings.
Local customs

Coastal towns are very colourful, busy and original. Most of the inhabitants are Islamic, so we would suggest that while on tour in the town, please avoid immodest clothing, which would be considered offensive. We appreciate that you may want to take photos of the places you visit and the people you meet, but please ask before you take photographs of anyone as, again, this can give offence, as not everyone likes their photos being taken and it is a mark of respect to ask first. Please note that it is unlawful in Kenya to take pictures of government buildings, airports and government officials including soldiers and policemen.

We have some pet cats who stay near the dining room. They have been here for many years, and are fed twice daily, so please don't feed them tidbits from the table. 
Not everyone likes cats and we do not want to encourage them to beg for food and possibly annoy guests. We also have a lizard family who live near the washroom. The biggest one is over 1 meter long. They are harmless and are used to people, so just keep a respectable distance so as not to alarm them. The same applies to our monkeys, so please do not feed them or get too close.
You will sometimes see various types of frogs and long black millipedes around the compound. They are also harmless and should not scare you.
Leaving Mnarani

Please do not leave plastic bottles in the rooms on your departure. We do not have recycling facilities in the country and therefore this only results in polluting the village. Medicines, however would be highly appreciated and of great use to us and the village doctors. If you have any that you would like to donate, please leave them at Reception.

If you are happy with the services provided to you by our staff and would like to tip them, please use our freewill tip box at the reception. We distribute the tips in equal shares between all members of staff once a month.
That's it. See you soon.

With love,
The management,

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